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Xuyang Company organizes the Chamber of Commerce to host the "Precision Help Cool E Summer" Summer Camp

Xuyang Company organizes the Chamber of Commerce to host the "Precision Help Cool E Summer" Summer Camp

Giving back to society
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Since the successful “16 years of “resistance to flood relief” and “precise education to help warm winter activities”, Xuyang has never forgotten the education support business in its hometown. In 2017, in order to better support the hometown precision education and help the cause, the family and students who have helped the 16 years have been continuously tracked and paid attention. The members of the Xiangyang Chamber of Commerce were organized and hosted on August 4-6 this year. "Precisely help cool E Summer" summer camp activities.




On the afternoon of August 4th, 2017, the opening ceremony of the “Accurate Help Cool Summer E Summer Camp” of Hefei Fuyang Chamber of Commerce was held on the second floor of Hefei Yunsheng Building Memorial Day Hotel. Mr. Zhu Shuangdan, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Xiangyang Chamber of Commerce Ms. Wu Zhengfang, deputy magistrate of Shuyang County, delivered a speech. Finally, Mr. Zhang Xin, the president, announced the opening of the camp. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Rong Guangjie, member of the Party Committee of Shuyang County Government, Mr. Qian Yechao, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of Shuyang County, Mr. Wang Baisong, Director of the Education Bureau of Shuyang County, Mr. Ci Longxing, Education Bureau of Shuyang County, and Investment Promotion of Shuyang County Mr. Qian Yeyang, and some vice presidents, deputy secretary generals and sponsor representatives of the Hefei Fuyang Chamber of Commerce.
At the opening ceremony, a wonderful performance was held, and the children from Hefei and Fuyang jointly performed. The wonderful performances made the villagers present at the scene feel the care of the children and harvest a sincere joy.
On August 5th, 2017, the children visited the Wahaha Industrial Park, the Anhui Provincial Geological Museum, the Museum, the Science and Technology Museum and the University of Science and Technology of China, which opened up the children's vision and felt the beauty of industry, technology and humanity.
The Hefei Fuyang Chamber of Commerce will continue to pay attention to the precision education in the hometown, and hope that people from all walks of life will participate and pass on their love. All the way to be accompanied, all the way to grateful. Our love may change the fate of children's lives.