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Hefei Sunrise Aluminium Pigments Co.,Ltd

ADD:No. 18 Jinhu Rd., Shuangfeng Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui, China
Tel : 400-999-2508
Fax : 0551- 66399118
E-mail : xuyang@xuyang.cc 
Website : www.xuyang.cc


Sunrise development process

SunriseCompany birthplace

Sunrise(Anqing production base)

Sunrise(Heifei)The company put into operation the seventh anniversary celebration cum Founded guests posed


Sunrise previous exhibitors

2005 International Coatings Show (Shanghai) Xuyang first time exhibitors

2009 International Coatings Show (Shanghai) Xuyang Booth

2009 Xuyang Booth Coatings Show in Nuremberg, Germany


Cooperation and exchanges

Anhui Construction Engineering College and Sunrise research contract

Akzo Nobel solvents, industrial coatings unit of China Purchasing Director Asia-Pacific region to come visit

Akzo Nobel, director of global procurement of raw materials to come to visit