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Corporate purposes
Prudential is satisfied that the letter from Sea World
Honest and loyal to each customer, to the credibility to win the trust of every friend, we believe do advance man for the business of the Road, adhere to the road of development of integrity, honesty to customers, integrity in the people.
The spirit of enterprise
Science and technology are primary productive forces
Respect for science, Li talents, detail, tree quality. Leading the revolution in science and technology, technology-driven development, innovation, never satisfied, and strive to achieve science and technology enterprises, innovation objectives thriving enterprise. 
Bring talent to create wealth and contributing to society
Germany can both employees are the company's wealth is the wealth of society;
Employee collective wealth is created;
Have a talent, really have wealth to bear a wide range of corporate social responsibility.
Management philosophy
Talent for future success depends on details
Advocating people-oriented management thinking, people-fundamental to the quality as the core, as a means of execution, the corporate culture to infiltrate all aspects of the work, in the spirit of nuances highlight the rising sun.
Business philosophy
Endless innovation service forever
Innovation management, innovative technology, innovative products, innovative services, the pursuit of a comprehensive, professional, timely and friendly service is Branch company win customer trust and win market is another key factor. 
Service philosophy
We are on your side
What customers think, worry about customer needs. Adhere to the "service is an extension of the product," the purpose, to reassure customers, peace of mind, Shuxin.